Sunday, December 11, 2016

Philadelphia 3.0 City Council Advertising

The mission of Philadelphia 3.0 is to engage new audiences and to bring new voices into the city’s political discussions. To increase civic participation and voting rates. To create the conditions for new leaders to be elected. To demonstrate the possibility for political change. Philadelphia 3.0 supports leaders in their efforts to make smarter and better policy.

Below is the transcript for three ads Philadelphia ran in in connection with the 2015 City Council races:

Ad #1 - Philadelphia 3.0 TV Ad: Warning

Warning for Philadelphia taxpayers, city workers, and retirees. Philadelphia has one of the worst pension gaps in the nation, 5.7 billion dollars, yet City Council refuses to act. There was a plan to protect taxpayers and city workers but Council wouldn't even hold hearings. No reasons, no answers. Typical. Another reason 73% of Philadelphians want term limits for City Council. Hashtag #ChangeTheCharter.

Ad #2 - Philadelphia 3.0 TV Ad Worst

Scandals, insider deals, incompetence. Philadelphia's City Council has been called "The worst legislative body in the free world" but Council voted themselves a huge pay raise. $126,000 a year for a part-time job? More Council members have been arrested, died, or fleeced us with a drop pension grab than have retired. Isn't it time to turn the page on these people? Philadelphia needs term limits for City Council. Hashtag #ChangeTheCharter.

Ad #3 - Philadelphia 3.0 Democratic At-Large Endorsed Candidates Ad

City Council is not doing its job. These people will change that. Derek Green, a former Assistant D.A. Tom Wyatt, a company's Chief Ethics Officer. Isaiah Thomas, a coach and educator. Paul Steinke, ran the Reading Terminal Market. Derek Green, Tom Wyatt, Isaiah Thomas, Paul Steinke. Find them on the democratic ballot for Council At Large. Green, Wyatt, Thomas, Steinke. Change Council.

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Monday, November 28, 2016

Philadelphia 3.0

Philadelphia 3.0 is a nonprofit political organization with a goal to build a government that works for Philadelphia residents and businesses. Philly 3.0 is committed to helping Philadelphia capitalize on its progress and promise.